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Scheduling is one of the key features of a project and manufacturing ERP modules. The project must know the estimated machine and workforce hours to forecast the actual time to complete the production and to track it. ERP Mark 7 provides the most reliable solution to handle complex schedules

  • Create a Schedule for projects:
  1. Navigate to the Manufacturing app > Projects tab.
  2. Once in the Project section, you can track the projects that have already been recorded.
  3. Select the project to create schedules associated with it.
  4. In the related tab, find the Schedules related list and click the “New” button.Schedule
  5. Enter the MPS Code to identify the schedule and select the organisation.
  6. Select the process, process cycle details, and finished product details.
  7. If the schedule is associated with the work order, select the work order and the work order line item details as shown.
  8. The system must define the schedule run period, enter the schedule start date and time, and the schedule end date and time.Schedule1
  9. Enter the estimated and actual machine and workforce hours required to complete the schedule.
  10. Enter the percentage of machine and workforce allocated to the project.
  11. Enter the cost details of machine and labour used in the project.
  12. Enter the overhead cost of the project and the total cost associated with the project.
  13. To track completion, select the status and enter the progress completion percentage.
  14. Select the contract of the schedule and select the visit of an expert to monitor the quality of the production.
  15. In a case of unforeseen complications in the execution of the schedule production, select the escalated check box.
  16. Click the “Save” button to create a schedule record for its associated project.

Field to note:

Field Description
MPS Code Describes the code assigned to the schedule for its identification.
Process Describes the process related to the project
Work Order Describes the defined budget account associated with the project
Work Order Line Item Gives the line item details of the work order for which the schedule is created
Process Cycle Describes the process cycle associated with the project and schedule
Work Center Assignment Describes the work center where the schedule is executed
Schedule Start Date Describes the planned start date and time for the schedule to be executed
Schedule End Date Describes the planned end date and time for the schedule to finish
Progress Describes the percent of progress achieved
Status Describes the status of the schedule
Estimated Machine Hour Provides the number of hours a machine can be used
Estimated Workforce Hour Provides the estimated workforce hours
Workforce Allocation % Describes the percent of the workforce allocated to the project
Product Describes the product that is manufactured
Machine Allocation % Describes the labour cost specific to the schedule
Direct Labour (Cost) Describes the labour cost specific to the schedule
Direct Materials (Cost) Describes the materials cost specific to the schedule
Overhead (Cost) Describes the overhead cost specific to the schedule
Total Cost Describes the total cost associated with the completion of the schedule