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One of the key elements of project management is linking the resources to the project. Resources are the team or an individual with a required skill assigned to the project. To perform a specific task, the project manager allocates the recourse to the process, i.e., a series of tasks that must be performed to complete the project. Based on schedules, the resources can be managed by the project manager and allocated to the process

Allocating a Resource to the Project:

  1. Navigate to the Manufacturing app > Projects tab.
  2. Once in the Project section, you can track the projects that are already recorded.
  3. Select the project to allocate the resource associated with it.
  4. In the related tab, find the Resource Allocation related list and click the “New” button.Resource Allocation1
  5. Enter the resource name and enter the start and end dates of the resource availability.
  6. Select the programme, process, and production cycle associated with the project.
  7. A resource can be an individual or a team. In the case of an individual resource, select employee; otherwise, select team.
  8. Enter the hours of resource availability and the description.
  9. If the resource is an asset, select machine as a resource allocation.
  10. Select the cost/billing details and estimated time details.
  11. Click the “Save” button to create a resource allocation record for its associated project.

Field to note:

Field Description
Resource Name Describes the name of the resource allocated to the project for its identification
Process Describes the process related to the project
Hours Describes the defined availability hours of the resource with the project
Machine Describes the machine that is used as the resource in the project
Programme Describes the programme associated with the project
Work Center Describes the work center where the project is executed
Employee Describes the individual resource allocated to the project
Type Describes the category of the resource. Select workforce to select an individual or team as a resource or machine as a resource
Start Date Describes the start date of the resource
End Date Describes the end date of the resource
Team Describes the resource allocated to the project
Estimated Time Describes the estimated working hours of the resource required to complete the project
Actual Time Describes the hours recorded till the completion of the project in the time cards of the allocated resource
Estimated Cost Describes the draft estimated cost of the allocated resources
Actual Cost Describes the cost calculated for all resources allocated to the project
Billing Price Describes the amount billed for the resource utilised in the project
Visit Describes the planned visit for the maintenance of the project