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Manufacturing/Maintenance Process Cycle

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A process cycle is a sequence of steps required and a set of activities associated with the manufacture of finished products. It essentially starts with the customer requirement and ends with delivery of the required product.

It is a framework that describes how and from where the process starts. It also describes when and how the interrelated operations depend on each other. It describes the progress of each process cycle, helping the user estimate the overall time required to produce a finished product.

Creating a Process Cycle:

  1. Navigate to the Manufacturing app > Processes tab.
  2. Once in the Process section, select the process record to create the process cycle.
  3. In the related tab, find the Process Cycle related list and click the “New” button.Process Cycle1
  4. Enter the Process Cycle Name, the Progress of the process cycle and the Description.
  5. Select Previous and Next Process Cycle; then select the Workstation in which the process cycle will commence.
  6. Click the “Save” button to create a process cycle.

Field to note:

Field Description
Process Cycle Name Describes the name of the Process Cycle
Process Describes the Process for which the process cycle is created
Progress Describes the progress of the Process Cycle
Description Describes the details of the Process Cycle so the person working on it is on the same page
Previous Process Cycle Is the process cycle which must be executed first
Next Process Cycle Is the following process cycle to be executed
Work Station Is the place where the process cycle is executed