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Leave management systems helps employees to request time-offs from work, plan vacations and track holidays. Management can use the system to Approve or Deny leaves and maintain employee records.

ERP Mark 7’s Leave Management comes under HR Management App and encompasses Time offs, Leave entitlements, Available Allowance and Upcoming Holidays.

The Leave Management is specific to the employee and can be submitted for approval to the higher authorities. This helps you to track the employee performance and reduce the managerial time.

A Leave Management can be created in two methods –

  • From the record level
  • From the Leave Management Tab

From the record level

The steps below explain how to create a Leave request and move it from Draft status to Submitted.

  • Create a Leave request by navigating to Employee management app > Employee tab


  • Select the employee for whom Leave request needs to be created from the list of employees
  • On the related list/tab scroll down to Leave Requests (Employee) related list and click ‘New’ button.


  • Enter the organisation details, leave request name, select the leave entitlement and enter the approver details and leave request status. Administrators and other roles of an employee that act as approvers can see all the Leave requests submitted.
  • A Leave request can be in different stages which can be easily understood by the following statuses.
Timesheet Status Action
Draft The leave request that is in the Draft state can be edited to make some corrections. When in Draft state the number of leaves will not be deducted from the total available allowance.


When the leave request is approved by the work agent/ higher authority then it is marked “Approved
Submitted Once the employee is sure about his entries then the leave request can be moved to submitted state seeking for approval


When approver rejects the Leave request, the leave request can then be available for corrections and resubmission.


An employee had created the leave request but later decided to cancel it then the leave request can be in cancel state and this will increment the available leave allowance.


When a Leave request is in completed state then it signifies that the applied leave has been taken.
  • Click Save to save the Leave Request

From the Leave Management Tab

Navigate to HR Management app > Leave Management tab

The Landing page of the leave management tab looks as shown below


Fields to Note:

Name Description
Time Off This indicates the already taken leaves
Available Allowance Indicates the total available leaves for the calendar year.
Booked Indicates the number of booked leaves (In Approval stage)
Upcoming Holidays Indicates about the National/Organisation defined holidays for the calendar year.
Book Time off This is to create a new leave request
  • Click on the Book Time off button on the top right corner of the page to create a new leave request. This will land on the following page


Fill in all the details such as the Leave Request Name, Start Date, End Date, Leaves Type, Number of Days Applied and the Reason.

Click on save to keep the record in Draft State which can be modified later or Click on Submit to submit the leave request for Approval.


Draft/Submitted/Rejected Leaves

All the leaves of status Draft, Submitted and Rejected will be listed under the Draft/Submitted/Rejected Leaves section as shown below


Submitted Leaves cannot be edited or deleted, the leaves with Draft and Rejected can be Deleted or edited for submission.

Approved Leaves

Once the Leave is Approved by the approving authority it will be listed under the Approved Leaves section


Manager’s Approval

If you have employees working under you and you are the Approval Manager of their leaves then all the Submitted to you leaves will be listed under the Manager’s Approval section as shown below


Leave Entitlement

All the leaves entitled by the organisation such as Casual leave, Sick leave, Maternity etc and others can be defined here and the number of days for each leave type can also be assigned as shown below


Upcoming Holidays

This section Indicates about the National/Organisation defined holidays for the current financial year, next financial year and the previous financial year. The view can be set with the drop down pick list on top of the page.

The Upcoming Holidays section listing the National Holidays and the date is as shown below