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Purchase Requisition

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Purchase Requisition is generated before the purchase order is raised to notify the Purchasing team of the items it needs to order and their quantity. It gives the figurative information on the desired goods and services of the organisation.

To create a Purchase Requisition:

  • Go to App Menu > Purchase Requisition > New
  • Add Requisition Name, Expected Delivery date.
  • Make sure it is active and status is approved.
  • In the related section, create the “New Purchase Requisition Line Item.”
  • Add Purchase Requisition Line Item Name and Purchase Requisition.
  • Add Product, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount.
  • Click “Save.”

Requisition to Purchase Order

  • Now go to App Menu > Requisition to Purchase Order
  • All the Purchase Requisition Line Items will be listed here.
  • Select the line items you want to convert into Purchase Order.
  • Click “Convert PO” button.

Fill in all the required details of the vendor and delivery and click “Save.”

Create Purchase Requisitions from Manufacturing Order console

To create the purchase requisitions manually from MO console, follow the steps below. 

  • To create the Purchase Requisitions, click the Stock Allocation drop-down and click the “Purchase Requisition” option. You will be presented with a screen below.
  • Enter the Purchase Requisition Name, Expect Delivery Date and Description of the purchase requisition.
  • Select the Requisition By, Status, Purchasing Organisation, and Business Unit Details.
  • Select the Delivery Contact and Delivery Address details
  • The default channel and distribution channel will be auto-populated on the screen.
  • Now, enter the Unit price of each BOM product and notice that the Total Price will be auto-calculated for you.
  • Enter the Special Instruction if there is any for the BOM product.
  • To delete the BOM product click the “Bin” icon and to add BOM product click the “Add” button.
  • Click the “Save” button to create the Purchase Requisition record.

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