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Manufacturing Order

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  • Navigate to App Menu > Manufacturing App > On the Manufacturing App you will find the Manufacturing Orders Tab.
  • Once in the Manufacturing Order section, you can track the manufacturing orders that are already filled (Image shows the Kanban view).


  • To create a new manufacturing order, Make the view list to ‘All’ (Table View)
  • On the right-hand top, you will see the Lightning buttons. Click on New Manufacturing Order

  • A new Manufacturing Order console opens.
  • Fill in all the details such as Name, Start Date, Expected Date, Product, Product Qnty, Production Version, and Routing.

  • Click Schedule Production button.
  • Scheduling Production will list all the Bill of Materials (BOMs) to Consume and Consumed Bill of Materials (BOMs) on the MRPS tab.

Once the manufacturing order is created, the following actions take place.

  • In the MRPS tab, BOMs to be consumed are listed.
  • In the Work Orders tab, work orders for manufacturing the product are automatically created. The no. of work orders created depends on the quantity of the product to be manufactured.
  • The system automatically creates Actions/Tasks associated with the manufacturing process.
  • MRPs are created automatically.
  • Stock Outward Line items are created for BOM components.

Stock allocation of BOMs to consume

You can fulfill the stocks either manually or automatically. To allocate stocks automatically click the stock allocation drop down and click “Auto Stock Allocation” option. You can fulfill the stocks manually by following these steps.

  • Click the “Stock Allocation” Button to fulfill the stocks manually; you will be presented with the popup screen below.
  • Select the BOM and enter the quantity to capture and click the “Capture” button, a Stock Outward Line Item record will be created for the BOM.
  • Click the “Save” button to complete the stock allocation for the BOMs
  • To print the list of BOMs with its required quantity and fulfilled quantity details, click the button that has a print icon on it located on the bottom right corner of the stock allocation popup.

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