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Inbound Logistics

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Receiving Items from a Vendor or receiving stocks from a Transfer Order

  • Navigate to the Order Management app > Inbound Logistics tab.
  • All the Ready to Receive Logistic orders will be listed.

  • Select the Logistic Order to put the received products into the warehouse.
  • A shipment typically arrives with a packing slip; items you receive must be referenced against a logistic order.
  • So, to proceed you must determine the logistic order to which the received items belong and select the checkbox next to it and click the “Receive” button.

  • Screen navigates to the Receive page with Received and Added Qty 0. Receive column defaults the actual ordered Qty which is editable.
  • Once clicked on Save, Received field will be updated and Receive field becomes 0
  • Now Select the logistic line items and click on the Putaway button on top if multiple line items selected.
  • Screen navigates to the Putaway page with Ordered Qty and Received Qty populated
  • Select the checkbox of the line items to Putaway.
  • In the Additional Information section of the Product detail page Serialise and Lot Tracked is specified.
  • Enter the received item quantity. To identify each stock inward item, a batch/lot or Serial code is entered. Users can create multiple stocks inwards for each purchase line item until the requested quantity is fulfilled.
  • Enter the warehouse in which the items are stored. In addition, a user can assign the location and storage bin of the received to ensure a well-organized warehouse.
  • Click “Save” to complete the stock receiving process of the purchase orders.
  • The color of the line items turns green when complete Qty is Added

  • This indicates that the logistic received from the vendor has been successfully added to the inventory.

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