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The financial position of the organisation is determined by its assets and liabilities. The net profit of the company is calculated by taking the difference between the income and expenses of the company. The balance sheet designed by Aqxolt ERP provides a snapshot of the assets, liabilities, and equity at any given time or as opposed to a given period. Fundamentally, the balance sheet must balance the total amount of assets with the total amount of liabilities and stockholders’ equity.

















The balance sheet is auto-calculated using the latest data from the company’s accounts, which means the balance sheet is created in real time. With Aqxolt ERP’s balance sheet, you don’t have to be a professional to do manual calculations. Whenever a transaction record is created, all the calculations and finance general entries are created automatically, eliminating errors in the balance sheet.


























View the data that matters to you by using the filters provided to you. You can import the balance sheet for the selected organisation and duration in PDF format by clicking “Download PDF”. To make good decisions by comparing financial data, click “Compare Financial Data”. Compare the data of your interest by using filter criteria and viewing the chart data annually, quarterly and monthly. View and download the tabular data by clicking “Download PDF” for the financial year.