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Enter the domain of the Shopify store and click install ( Enter store login details Create or sync products In Salesforce; to sync or create a new product, make sure

Print Barcodes

Print Barcodes page allows to Generate Barcodes for different objects with different Barcode Type and Page Size and Print them. Products, Fixed Assets, Sites, Accounts, and Contacts can have Barcodes and

Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition is generated before the purchase order is raised to notify the Purchasing team of the items it needs to order and their quantity. It gives the figurative information

Stock Run Rate

Stock Run Rate gives the overview of the inventory, it shows how much stock you have at any given time. The stock run rate tracks the finished goods as well


Products can be manufactured in a lot, having a particular lot number to the set of production. To make a product available in a lot, we have to make the

Serial Number

Products and Fixed Assets can be serialized and Inventory can be stored for different products with different serial numbers. Assigning Serial numbers to a product involves the following setup: On the

Work Planner

Work Planning is done to have a detailed outlook on how the workforce is utilized to accomplish a task and how work centers are linked to process. Work planning also

Resource and Resource Group

The resource is used for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing resource groups can be electromechanical assemblies, cable assemblies, machinery, and human resource as well as Job floor assistants, assembly workers, and

Capacity planning

Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed in manufacturing a product. For an organization, capacity would be the ability of a given system to produce output

Routing & BOM Routing Link

Routing Links are used to making an association between a routing and the BOM components that will be used in the process and the associated versions. 'Routing Link Code' links